2022 TNOTA Annual Conference & Student Track

September 9-11, 2022

Lichterman Nature Center, 5992 Quince Road Memphis, TN 38119


Thanks to all who made our 2022 conference a success!

Schedule for 2022 Pre-Conference
Schedule for 2022 Conference & Student Track

Conference Handouts

Download session handouts for conference here. Please note, not all speakers provided handouts for download.

Conference Handouts 


Theme: OT: A Client’s PoV

Examining the occupational therapy experience from a client’s point of view. Conference sessions should touch on how OT Practitioners can work to understand their own perspectives and implicit biases, engage clients from a wide variety of backgrounds, and promote health literacy for OT consumers.


Keynote Speaker

Our Conference Keynote Speaker for 2022 was Kelly Jo Fulkerson-Dikuua, and her Keynote session was entitled, "Invisible Systems: Using Intersectionality to Erase Bias". This interactive talk explores the unique role Occupational Therapy Professionals have in helping people gain autonomy in their bodies and lives. Filling this critical niche in society, OTPs gain personal experience with the challenges people face when going about their day-to-day lives. In particular, OTPs see first-hand how social factors, like housing inequity or discrimination, can compound challenges in their patient's lives. This talk draws on participant experience and research-based strategies to consider the ways in which OTPs play a pivotal role in advocating for patients, mitigating bias, and building a more just society.



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