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TNOTA believes that advocacy is critical to maintaining the health and visibility of occupational therapy in Tennessee. Membership in TNOTA supports our efforts to represent occupational therapy in legislative and regulatory affairs and gives a powerful, united voice to occupational therapy practitioners across our state. TNOTA is always working to develop more publicly available resources to enable OT practitioners, educators, and students to better advocate for our profession. If you have a resource you'd like to see, contact [email protected]


Advocate for OT telehealth coverage today!

Telehealth updateGovernor Lee's Executive Order 15/36, which, among other changes, temporarily reduced barriers to the delivery of existing telehealth services and added restorative therapy as an appropriate reimbursable service, has been extended, and is now set to expire on June 30. Our association supports this deregulation as we know that telehealth allows us to increase health care value by reducing costs while improving patient outcomes, and because our OT practice act is silent on telehealth. When this executive order expires, OT practitioners will once again not be allowed to practice telehealth under our current practice act. We need to make our voices heard to protect our ability to deliver OT services via telehealth during COVID-19 and beyond. TNOTA is working with the state licensure board to advocate for expediting the process of adding telehealth rules to our practice act. Action steps for this process are forthcoming. 


Telehealth data tracking form 

TNOTA is collecting telehealth stories so that we can support our advocacy with data. TNOTA has partnered with other state OT associations to gather data on telehealth outcomes. Download the data tracking form and patient survey created by members of the Arizona Occupational Therapy Association (ArizOTA) to share your experience with telehealth! 

We will be collecting this data through the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic. E-mail completed data sheets to [email protected] (subject line "telehealth data tracker").


Telehealth Data Tracker

Advocate for Ongoing Insurance Coverage 

Telehealth is more critical than ever in the age of COVID-19. TNOTA has drafted templates for OT practitioners and students to use to help advocate for government and private insurance to continue coverage of telehealth services beyond the current temporary coverage.

**Please edit sections highlighted in yellow to customize the template before sending** 

 letter to insurance companies template


While some insurance providers are covering OT services via telehealth, this varies based on provider rules. TNOTA's advocacy team has compiled a current list of telehealth coverage in Tennessee, updated 5/15/2020. This document includes link to contact insurance providers who have not yet covered telehealth services. This list will be updated as changes are made. 


Advocacy Victories!

Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Tennessee announced on May 13 that they will now cover telehealth, including OT, permanently!


The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced the long awaited news on April 30th that occupational therapists, physical therapists, and speech language pathologists can now perform telehealth services for Medicare beneficiaries.

Read more on AOTA's website. 


TNOTA's Lobbyists: Working for you!

TNOTA employs a lobbying firm that closely monitors legislation and executive orders from our Tennessee government.

Read the latest update from Capitol & 5th Public Strategies.



Find your legislators

To better inform yourself on issues that affect the provision of OT services in Tennessee, find your legislators and see where they stand on issues that impact our profession.


Other Templates

 Letter of Medical Necessity