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The Tennessee Occupational Therapy Foundation (TNOTF) is TNOTA's non-profit affiliate. TNOTF was established by the former TNOTA President, David McGuire. His vision was to create an organization dedicated to community service and engagement. TNOTF received its non profit status in 2020. 

TNOTF works with TNOTA to provide financial assistance, support, and encouragement to individuals and entities involved with the provision and receipt of occupational therapy services. 

Your support and contributions will enable us fund scholarships, contribute to advocacy efforts, and support local non-profit organizations. 

TNOTF donations are tax-deductible and support a great cause! 

Visit TNOTF's home page to learn more and to donate!


Upcoming Event:

Tennessee Occupational Therapy Foundation Fund Run 2022

Saturday, June 25-Sunday, June 26, 2022

Virtual 5K or 1-Mile Run/Walk Event

Register HERE!

The Tennessee Occupational Therapy Foundation (TNOTF) is a non-profit organization that partners with the Tennessee Occupational Therapy Association to support students, educators, practitioners, and recipients of therapy services. This money raised from this virtual 5K or 1-mile run fundraiser will be used to provide scholarships to occupational therapy students. TNOTF's goal is to raise $3,000. 

This event is a virtual 5K that allows you the flexibility to choose when and where you run! It is an untimed event that will be open June 25-26. There are options for 5K if you feel a little extra mOTivated or a 1-mile walk/run that is great for families. Whether you are running for fun, in honor of a loved one that received therapy services, or in support of your favorite occupational therapy practitioner, we are thrilled for you to be a part of our fundraising event.  

**Please note, this is a virtual event only! The physical address listed on the registration page is for administration purposes only. However, the physical address is a park that has great running/ walking trails!**

Questions can be sent to [email protected].