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Our Mission: We exist to amplify diversity in the field of occupational therapy, promote awareness about equality, and advocate for a more inclusive profession regarding scholarship and practice in the state of Tennessee.

Our Vision: A future in which the Tennessee occupational therapy profession is an equitable, inclusive, and diverse representation of service for our community.



TNOTA Diversity Committee - Upcoming Events:

Mark your calendars! Our next Student Diversity Chat will be June 17th, 2021 at 6:00pm via GoToMeeting.
*Stay tuned for further details and flyer, soon to come!

COTAD Chapters
Ready to hear the scoop on how TNOTA is partnering with the Coalition of Occupational Therapy Advocates for Diversity (COTAD)
Watch this live recorded webinar to find out about COTAD, how to start a COTAD Chapter, and to learn more about the initiatives from the TNOTA
Diversity Committee!


 Anatomy of An Ally Series

Graphic By: Danielle Coke - @ohhappydani

 Ever wonder how you can partner alongside marginalized groups to make change? What exactly does it mean to be an ally?
 Check out the brand new series "Anatomy of An Ally" - a
 7-part series that will show how we can use our mouth, nose, eyes, ears, heart, and hands to make true change in equity and inclusion. 
Click here to take a look! ----> Anatomy of An Ally Series



  TNOTA Diversity Committee - Past Events
We may have missed you for these, but we hope you'll join us for our upcoming events!


Diversity and Inclusion Committee Est. July 2020

If you'd like to learn more about our initiatives or have questions, please contact the diversity and inclusion committee!