1. How can I become a member of TNOTA?

To become a TNOTA member, visit and click the “Join TNOTA” tab under the Membership Center banner, or follow this link.


2. How much does TNOTA membership cost?

Annual dues are as follows:

    • 1st Year Occupational Therapist - $60.00
    • Occupational Therapist - $80.00
    • 1st Year Occupational Therapy Assistant- $40.00
    • Occupational Therapy Assistant - $60.00
    • Retired - $40.00
    • Student - $20.00

3. What are  the benefits to TNOTA membership?

    • TNOTA is the ONLY organization in the state of Tennessee that advocates for Occupational Therapists, Occupational Therapy Assistants, and students in an Accredited OT/OTA Program.
    • An active Executive Board that addresses member needs and statewide issues.
    • TNOTA State Lobbyist: Helps advance and promote Occupational Therapy in this time of changing healthcare.
    • Free Continuing Education events held live and in-person across the state. New courses are added monthly ($20 value per course)
    • Free Ethics and Jurisprudence education for practitioners (required course- $40 value).
    • Free QPR Suicide Prevention courses (required for OTRs, strongly recommended for OTAs- $40 value)
    • District meetings throughout the state (please refer to the TNOTA Districts for contact information).
    • Membership discount for all TNOTA sponsored workshops including the Annual TNOTA Conference (>$100 value)
    • Special Interests Membership Forums.
    • State representation at the Annual AOTA Conference.
    • Customized TNOTA E-mail List based off of personal/professional interests.
    • Voting privileges in the annual business meeting, special meetings, TNOTA By-Law changes, and electing TNOTA Executive Board Members.
    • Awards and Recognition for Members and Volunteers.
    • Scholarships for TNOTA student members attending an ACOTE Accredited Occupational Therapy or Occupational Therapy Assistant Program in Tennessee.
    • Student representation on the Executive Board.


4. How can my business/organization become members of TNOTA?

TNOTA memberships are limited to individuals (OT practitioners, students, retired members). Businesses and Organizations may sponsor TNOTA events and advertise with TNOTA.


5. How can I advertise for my business or product on TNOTA’s website?

TNOTA welcomes organizations and individuals who would like to advertise on our website.  In addition to advertising, we also post information about upcoming events, products or services you offer to Tennessee OT practitioners via email and social media.  All advertisement postings must be approved by TNOTA.

You can request an advertisement by completing our advertisement form.

You may also choose to Sponsor a TNOTA event.


6.  Can I advertise an OT/OTA job on the TNOTA website?

TNOTA welcomes organizations that would like to advertise job openings to our members. Job postings will be available to members only. If you are interested in posting your available position(s), please read below for guidelines. You can submit your request for a job posting by visiting


  • All postings must be approved by TNOTA.
  • Name, Organization Name, and Contact Information is required and must accompany the application for review and possible approval by TNOTA.
  • A link must be provided for each posting, ready to go. A job description must be provided with the link.
  • If approved, the posting will be on the TNOTA website for 30 days. You will be notified of approval by return e-mail within a week of your request.
  • Postings and/or advertisements of any type are neither an endorsement nor a sponsorship by TNOTA.  


7. I am offering a continuing education course that I want TNOTA to approve. Can TNOTA do that?

The Tennessee Occupational Therapy Association launched its Approved Provider Program in August 2021. See more details on our Approved Provider Program page. Additionally, continuing education courses that are designated as approved by AOTA, or by another state’s OT association, fit the requirements for approval in Tennessee.

If you would like to partner with TNOTA to host a course, please email us at [email protected]. TNOTA is an approved provider of continuing education by the TN Board of Occupational Therapy.


8. How can I volunteer with TNOTA?

TNOTA relies on volunteers to carry out our mission in the state of Tennessee. TNOTA has a number of volunteer positions available, including the following: conference committee, advocacy committee, newsletter committee, scholarship committee, and student involvement committee. To get involved, please contact [email protected]. We also regularly host volunteer activities within each district. Please see the event calendar for upcoming volunteer events.


9. How do I register for TNOTA conference?

A conference registration link will be posted on TNOTA’s home page and emailed to membership approximately 3-4 months before the date of the conference. Please watch your email and check the TNOTA home page for a registration link. Save the date information for future conferences is posted as soon as TNOTA secures a conference venue.


10. How can I present or share a poster at conference?

TNOTA will post a call for papers and presentations on its home page and via email approximately 5 months prior to conference. Presentations and posters are subject to approval by the conference committee.


11. How can I set up a booth for a product or business at conference?

TNOTA welcomes event sponsors and exhibitors at our conferences! A link to our exhibitor form will be sent to membership 3-4 months before the date of the conference. It will also be posted on our website. If you would like additional information on exhibiting at TNOTA conference or sponsoring TNOTA events, visit our Exhibitor & Sponsorship page.


12. How can I register for a PAMs course?

Information on PAMs courses is emailed to membership and posted on the TNOTA website calendar. Search the TNOTA calendar using the keyword “PAMs” and click the event link to register.


13. How can I find a TNOTA Ethics and Jurisprudence or Suicide Prevention course? 

Information on TNOTA-sponsored Ethics and Jurisprudence courses, as well as suicide prevention courses, is emailed to membership and posted on the TNOTA website calendar. Search the TNOTA calendar and click the event link to register. Recorded Ethics & Jurisprudence courses are hosted by TNOTA Partner, Aspire OT. Log in to access FREE Ethics & Jurisprudence courses (for TNOTA members) by following the link on our Continuing Education page. Additionally, TNOTA regularly updates our list of upcoming suicide prevention courses on our calendar as well as our Suicide Prevention page.


15. How can I send my research/survey to TNOTA members to recruit participants?

TNOTA members:  

As a member benefit, TNOTA has created a page to support ongoing efforts to further our profession by students, educators, and clinicians. You can visit the page by clicking here. If you are a TNOTA member, you can fill out the research request form found on our research page and send the completed form to [email protected] for approval and posting.

Non-TNOTA members:

Please feel free to post research and survey requests on TNOTA’s Facebook page. With the large amount of requests we receive from students for research, we cannot forward them to all members.