State Board of OT FAQ:

1. How does continuing education get approved?

To approve a continuing education course, you must submit a request to the Board administrator who forwards the curriculum to a Board Consultant.  The consultant reviews the information and makes a recommendation to the board (meets criteria/doesn't meet criteria) and then the board votes to accept or reject the consultant's recommendation. You will be notified of the board’s decision.


2. How do I know if a continuing education course is approved?

Other than PAMs providers, the Board does not keep an active list of approved courses to reference.  The entity hosting the course will typically advertise that the course is accepted by a certain association.  The TN board allows a max of 24 credits of CE that is approved by third parties such as AOTA, APTA, AMA, ASHA, state associations, etc. or 12 credits from other parties that do not have approval from third parties.


3. Can the OT board help me interpret the OT practice act?

Yes.  There is a Board administrator who conducts day to day business.  If it is an issue that requires clarification or further action, it can be added to the agenda for the next board meeting.

4. I am offering a continuing education course that I want TNOTA to approve. Can the state OT board do that?

TNOTA does not approve continuing education courses. Please see the above question about the approval process for continuing education.


5. How often does the board meet?

The board typically meets 3 times per year, with an additional session held if urgent business needs to be addressed.


6. How long does it take for my license to get approved?

If your paperwork is completed in its entirety with no errors or withheld information, it typically takes 4 weeks during regular processing time.  It can take up to 6 weeks during peak time (this is the period following graduation).  If you have ever had any kind of legal issue (DUI, etc) or action against another license, it will take longer and may require the individual seeking the license to appear before the board for final approval.


7. What are my CEU requirements to renew my license?

New graduates are exempt from needing CEU for the very first renewal cycle after graduation.  After that, 24 hours are required (2 of which must by E&J) within a two year renewal cycle.  There is also a new requirement for suicide prevention/training that will be going into effect soon.



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